The first wireless portable fader

Mixfader wirelessly connects to its dedicated “Mixfader dj” app. Together, they offer a complete pro DJ setup that reproduces the behavior and sound rendering of physical vinyls, and also fully supports both DVS technology and standard turntables.

A new take on scratching

Mixfader opens up new possibilities for the art of turntablism, putting smartphones/tablets at the core of the discipline: Mixfader dj app reproduces the behaviour and sound rendering of physical vinyls with extreme precision and reactivity, while Mixfader lets you keep the feel and grip of your everyday fader.

Advanced features. Inspired by your DJ setup

Mixfader dj offers advanced DJ features such as Hamster (reverse) switch, crossfader curve adjustment, role assignment, cut-in point control, and a musical library that integrates Soundcloud and Deezer in addition to your local music, an overall of +50 million tracks available. Mixfader dj also displays a single vinyl with a marker to provide a large control surface.

Taking portable scratching to the next level

Mixfader is a real game changer that fully supports DVS technology and standard audio records. Simply plug your device to your turntable, connect Mixfader to your device and start scratching as always on your portable turntable. Both USB and Analog turntables are usable. Compatible timecode control vinyl: Serato CV02 (both sides) ; Serato Control CD ; Traktro MK1 (both sides) ; MixVibes 7 and V2 (iOS only).

MIDI compatibility for Mac OS

Connect Mixfader to Mixfader Companion for Mac OS and use it with your favorite music production software (GarageBand, Serato DJ, Traktor…).

Mixfader & ProLink – reach the next level

Driven by special patented technologies and powerful algorithms, the ProLink add-on lets you experience the same scratch sensations you’d have with your favorite mixer. Sharpest cuts. Ultra-precision. Lossless audio quality. A major innovation that breaks the latest boundaries of the portablism market, making Mixfader x ProLink the leading solution for portable scratching. For the first time you can enjoy a zero-latency level of accuracy on a setup that includes wireless connection.


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