PHASE The first wireless controller for DVS

Phase is the first wireless DJ controller that lets you control tracks playing from a DJ software without needing turntable needles or timecode control vinyl. Two audio Remotes capture the turntable rotation information and wirelessly transmit it to a Receiver that processes and sends it to your DVS setup. Easy-to-use and intuitive, Phase offers an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity, and is completely unaffected by external disruptions and common DJ equipment issues.

A revolution for DVS technology

More stable and accurate than any similar digital system, Phase provides the most reliable dj solution for performers. Every rotation movement of the turntable, even the tiniest, is detected by the Remotes and instantly sent to the software, offering a real-time audio control with an unrivaled accuracy. This technology guarantees a seamless signal quality in any situation.

Forget all about external disruptions

Thanks to its unique patented technology Phase dj is completely unaffected by external perturbations such as rumble, defective turntables – any common dj equipment issue, and lets you keep your focus where it should be: on the music. Be in full control of your dj performance, nothing can come spoil it anymore.

The precision of standard audio records

Phase lets you get back the sensation of mixing on standard audio records without giving up the comfort and quality of your digital DJ controller. Perform with Phase dj all the movements you would do on standard audio records – even the extra slow ones – on any setup with the same precision.

Ready for your dj setup

Simple and intuitive, Phase easily and smoothly integrates any DVS DJ setup thanks to its 2 stereo RCA outputs. Phase is compatible with any DJ software using DVS technology such as Serato dj pro (and lite), Virtual DJ, Traktor and Rekordbox.

Built to last

One single charge gives you up to 10 hours of mixing per Remote, offering plenty of time to practice and perform without concerns. And to face up to daily hazards Phase is compact, robust, and impact-resistant. A must-have for any dj performances.


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